Scale Blitz

ScaleBlitz is a web application created to help musicians practice playing scales. The application focuses on improving speed and accuracy. Currently, I am working on converting the project into Typescript and React

Elm In the Spring

Elm in the Spring is a single-track, single-day conference for developers who love Elm. Elm is a functional,strongly typed, reactive, and event-driven front-end language that compiles to Javascript. As an organizer of the conference, I designed and developed the conference website for 2020. The site was designed and built fairly quickly and developed primarily using Elm and Sass.

Circuit Playground Squid Game

A "Red Light, Green Light" game, inspired by "Squid Game". The project was built using the Circuit Playground Express and coded in Micropython. The code utilizes the built-in triple-axis accelerometer, magnetic speaker/buzzer, push button, and LEDs.

Feelings with Ziggy

Feelings with Ziggy is an Alexa Skill built with Python. It was built for an Alexa Skills challenge, and is an educational game that aims to enhance the emotional literacy of young children by placing emotions to common experiences, ultimately helping children identify and express what they are feeling. This skill was built with AWS Lambda. Additionally, it uses a S3 Bucket, Amazon EC2, and Amazon RDS (running an API I built with PHP and MySQL).

Disaster Ready

Disaster Ready, a skill built for the Amazon Alexa Tech for Social Good Challenge, walks users through assembling an emergency supply kit for disasters or other emergencies. First, the skill gives a short survey, so the unique needs of the user’s home can be considered when their list is created. Then a custom emergency supply kit list is generated in their Alexa App.


Coin Watch is an Alexa Skill built with Python. It gives the realtime current USD price of the top cryptocurrencies using the cryptocompare API. The skill was built with AWS Lambda and uses the Python Alexa Skills Development Kit. I've retired the skill from the Alexa Store but source code is open-sourced.