Maker Share: Grassroots Campaign Logo.

Quick maker share here! I rarely do design work for people other than myself. But last year, I had the opportunity to volunteer and design a logo for a local grassroots campaign in Minneapolis. I thought I would share the design. The design process was very collaborative and included various campaign members. There were many iterations, and it took around four weeks to land on a final design.

The logo highlights collective action and embodies the campaign slogan, “Heal. Build. Rise up.” The primary colors chosen for the campaign were orange and black, which convey the message of optimism and a bold change upon the horizon.

I appreciated the experience and learned a lot about how a grassroots campaign gets started and operates behind the scenes. I feel honored to have contributed to the city and in the election of Minneapolis’ first independent Black Democratic Socialist City Council member.

Here are some photos of the logo out in the world :) Enjoy!