Jan 12, 2019

Replicating Youtube App's Double Tap to Seek Feature

Not long ago, I was on StackOverflow and I ran across a question asking if anyone knew of a library or how to implement Youtube’s double tap to rewind and forward feature in a browser.

Oct 29, 2018

Building a Train Tracking Alexa Skill with ASK Node.js SDK

I rarely have any issues with not having a car while living in the city. Except when winter rolls around. Waiting for the train to come in the cold and freezing winds ...

#alexa #node #javascript #ASK SDK #makershare
Jul 18, 2018

3 Browser APIs to be Excited About

The gap between native and web applications steadily narrows as browsers introduce new web/browser application programming interfaces (APIs). Evidence of this is seen in the standardization of browser APIs like Geolocation and AmbientLightSensor. These APIs remove capability barriers by providing access to device hardware.

#javascript #browser #web share #web bluetooth #service workers #payment requests #pwas #apis