Maker Share: 3D CAD Models

Sade Smith CAD December 28, 2018

This post is a break from my normal web and software development posts. I wanted to take a break and share some things not related to coding that I've been doing so I've created a new series called "Maker Share." One things I've been doing is learning how to use CAD software with Fusion 360 to create 3D models. I figured it should come in handy for prototyping things I want to build. Thus far, I have created some really random things using the software. A wrench, pair of tweezers, vacuum nozzle, and a coat hook to be exact! Below, I have included some photos of these objects. They were really fun to make and I look forward to making more and printing eventually!

Coat Hook
Captivating Coat Hook
Versatile Vacuum Nozzle
Tantalizing Tweezers
Well-made Wrench